Women’s Strength Program

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As a woman, the most important physical adaptation you can make is to build physical strength.  As we age, we lose this strength.  Therefore, we are in a race to acquire as much physical strength as possible NOW so we can live a happy, healthy, independent life as long as possible.  The more strength we have now, the more strength we maintain as we age.  Our women’s strength program is designed to help you gain strength in an environment surrounded by other women like you, and coached by our female Starting Strength Coach Nicole Rutherford.

We understand traditional gym environments can be an intimidating place for
 many women starting out.  In most commercial gyms body pump, spin, zumba and similar classes as well as the treadmill (“cardio”) section are dominated by ladies doing endless, high rep movements with light weights and hours of long slow distances on treadmills and elliptical trainers, getting the same results month after month.  This type of exercising continuously results in LOSING strength and MAINTAINING body fat.   Alternatively, the squat racks and flat benches are dominated by men who most likely do not understand the basics of barbell training BUT are quick to offer bad advice to even the bravest of ladies who venture into the “strength” area.

Our Women’s Strength Program will introduce you to the benefits of strength training under expert coaching. As a Starting Strength Coach and Exercise Physiology major at McDaniel College, Nicole has personally followed the Starting Strength program from the Novice stage to becoming a more Advanced lifter and has experience with modifying diets to meet individual goals. The women’s strength training program will run similarly to how Nicole first became acquainted with the Starting Strength model. The group will meet twice a week for an hour and complete multiple barbell lifts during the session. Each member will be taught how to properly squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead-press and will receive continuous coaching and customized training throughout the month. Some conditioning will be supplemented into programming,and nutrition plans will be tailored to meet each member’s goals. Nicole will be adjusting and modifying your macronutrients on a weekly basis to meet individual goals and track nutrition and progress. The Women’s Strength Training Program is a 90 day  package with no long-term commitment.  Classes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 pm.

The program centers around 5 basic movements.  You will be taught and coached on the squat, press, deadlift, bench press and power clean.  You will be learning strict chin-ups and dips.  These simple movements performed properly under the close watch of Nicole, programmed with slow, progressive increases in weights will help you lose fat and change your body composition (gain strength) faster than you ever thought possible.   She will guide you every step of the way and instruct you on proper dietary and nutritional choices to help you meet your goals.

What you can expect:

1.  One on one and small group coaching.

2.  Personalized programming.

3.  Weekly personalized nutrition counseling and education.  Learn how to make your nutrition fit your lifestyle.  

4.  Increase strength, lose body fat.

5.  A fun, supportive atmosphere.

6.  Learn how to stop exercising and start TRAINING  for lifetime results.

Whether you are an experienced athlete looking to add proper strength training to your current training regimen or someone who has never stepped foot in a gym, this program is right for you.

For any questions regarding the Women’s Strength Training Program please email Nicole at RutherfordSSC at gmail dot com or use our contact us tab.  


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  1. Liz Roberts says:

    What is the cost of the PWP program? Is it a monthly program you can start anytime? Curious how it works.

  2. Wendy Tyrrell says:

    i would like to sign up for the women’s class on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. My phone is 443-896-4868

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