The Proposterous Paleo Paradigm

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The Proposterous Paleo Paradigm


 noun \ˈper-ə-ˌdīm, ˈpa-rə- also -ˌdim\

: a model or pattern for something that may be copied

: a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about

Eating real food

has somehow turned into a runaway reality show. Maybe you recall when The Real World first came out. It was 1992. Reality tv was a novel idea.   Now, in 2014, I dare say that the number of reality shows far outweighs traditional shows. If nothing else, it seems their popularity does.  And, holy moly, are these reality shows BAD. Bad on so many levels. Toddlers and Tiaras? My 600lb Life? The Bachelor #4,875?  16 & Pregnant?


A novel concept 20yrs ago - reality tv- got so morphed, re-conceptualized,  tweaked, and ‘perfected’; that a gargantuan, convoluted, money-making, monster now exists today. With no end in sight.

Sort of like paleo (aka EATING REAL FOOD) has been Frankensteined into a paleo-pancake-pumpkin bread-pasta-wrap-muffin-cupcake Google Search disaster.

A paleo cupcake is a cupcake…A bowl of berries is real food.

 Most parents censor what their children watch on TV, especially during  their young, formative years. 

 A newbie learning how to eat a diet centered around meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries should not be wandering around the world wide web.  A great deal of the recipes labeled as paleo are preposterous…It’s like a preschooler watching reality TV. The kid knows just enough to laugh when it is funny, but has no clue that repeating things when she gets to school are going to land her in time-out.

Don’t get me wrong , I love many of these ‘paleo’ websites. BUT.  If you’re just learning how to eat and cook real food, and you stumble across a paleo chocolate covered donut….do you know what happens? You get really excited. And you buy $57 worth of ‘paleo’ baking goods to make said donut. You get less concerned about how to eat differently and more focused on how to find the right substitution. You know what does not happen?

You do not learn how to eat real food.



Those of you who are learning to eat real food (whether it is for the first or fiftieth time) need to consider quitting reality TV. Many of these sites have taken paleo…eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries…so far from what it is intended to be that you’ll be hard-pressed to find yourself on the path that leads to fueling a healthy body with real food.

Will there come a day when you can eat a baked treat that’s made of ingredients that could possibly construed as paleo? Perhaps. But until you’ve learned to eat real food, you aren’t truly giving yourself the opportunity to decide whether or not you even want to.

How will you know?

If you’re still wondering “is that paleo?” …you are not there yet. Because cupcakes are not paleo. Cookies are not paleo. I don’t care what they’re made of. Quit watching The Voice and start singing on your own.

Shift the paradigm. Don’t be phaleo.

Here are some great go-to sites for eating real food:

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