Build Strength – It’s Important

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The process of building physical strength is the same regardless of age or gender.  Strength is the basis for all other physical capacities and efficiently building a solid foundation of strength will have an immediate impact on all other aspects of your fitness.  An athletes ability to run faster, jump high, or hit hard is dependent on their ability to produce force against an external resistance.  As we age our ability to remain independent is largely determined by our ability to produce force.  Want to be able to stand up from a fall or decrease the likely hood of a fall?  Get stronger.  Need to carry groceries from the car to the house?  Increase force production by building strength.  The needs of an athlete and a 70 year old retiree are the same.  The quality of interaction with our environment is determined by our strength.  Get stronger and daily tasks get easier.  

The initial process of building strength looks very similar for everyone.  The squat, press and deadlift are the foundation of strength and represent the most efficient way to get stronger.  Everyone can do these lifts with proper coaching.  The ability to incrementally load them over time allows us to continue to get stronger for a very long time.  It doesn’t matter your age, the body will adapt to the increased resistance.  It works for everyone. 

Brenda is 67 years old.  She’s been using the squat, press and deadlift to increase her strength and remain independent.  Its never too late to begin strength a program.  Find a quality coach who understands the process of getting stronger safely and efficiently and get started.  



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