2015 Be Strong Challenge

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It is time! CFR will once again run our annual Paleo Challenge. This year there have been a couple changes as we continue to make the challenge better each year. For those that have participated in former challenges there have been a few minor changes so please read the post carefully. I would print or bookmark the post to pull up useful dates and information should you have any questions throughout the challenge.
We will be giving a free one month membership to the winner and a cash prize. The last challenge totaled around $600.00 in prize money. You will have this week to begin to prepare for the challenge. Go to the store, rid your house of crappy food, explain to your loved ones what will be happening for the next 5 weeks (you will need their help), and prepare for the awesome changes that await you.
We will hold a Q&A for all participants on Wednesday, January 14th at 6:45. If you can make it this will be a good time to ask your questions, meet new members, pick the brains of the Paleo pros,and learn something new from those that have been doing this for a while.We couldn’t be more excited to see the changes. Good luck to all of our CFR family!

Important dates to remember:
1. January 14th, 6:45pm – We will host a Be Strong Challenge kick off question and answer. Our 6:45pm class will be cancelled. Beau will explain the rules and answer any rule questions you may have. We will answer additional questions you may have about how to get started, what to eat, where to get it, how to make an easier transition, why we avoid the foods we do, and just helpful tips and pointers to make you successful. Bring your favorite beverage and we will plan on a nice Wednesday evening social gathering to have a chance to meet new members, help those new to Paleo and spend a great evening with friends. We will wrap it up by 8:30pm depending on your questions.
2. January 19th – start date. $20.00 must be turned in to start the challenge no later than Monday the 19th. There will be an envelope on the stereo, place your money inside and write your name on the envelope. Before photos must be taken BY THE PARTICIPANT. Before and after photos are critical. Here is a great example of what the before and after photos should look like. Email the photos to Beau. Photos must be sent to beau82nd at gmail.com.
3. January 24th – The before Paleo challenge workout must be completed. The workout can be completed any time that week. Just tell the trainer you are doing the Be Strong WOD. There will be a book by the stereo to record your WOD time.
4. February 28th – Be Strong Challenge ends on the morning of the 28th. The last day to collect points is the 27th of February. After photos must taken BY THE PARTICIPANT no later than the 28th.

By midnight on March 1st participants must send an email to beau82nd at gmail.com which includes the following:
– After Pics
– Pre and Post WOD challenge times
– Total Food points

Here is how the winner will be decided:
1. You will all start with 260 points. 5 points are given for eating paleo foods for that day (possible 200 points) and if you attend a CFR class at least 3 days during a week you receive 10 points (possible 60 points collected for the 5 week challenge). If you eat a food that is not allowed during the challenge you will lose ALL 5 POINTS FOR THAT DAY. If you do not make it to CFR at least 3 days for any given week you will lose ALL 10 possible gym points for that week. So, if you eat a piece of cake on day two of the challenge you will now only be able to collect 255 possible points at the end of the challenge. Those that eat 100% paleo for the entire 40 days will collect all  food points. Those that make it to CFR at least 3 times a week for the entire challenge will collect all 60 gym points. You will keep track of your own points daily and turn them in at the end in the final email to Beau.
2. The person with the most improvement in the before and after challenge workout will receive 50 points. Second place will receive 40 points, third place 30, fourth place 20 and 5th place 10 points.
3. The before and after pictures will be judged by disinterested third party strangers who know none of you. They will be ranked in order from first to fifth. The same points will be awarded for each place as above.
4. The person who collects the most points will be declared the 2015 CFR Be Strong winner.

Food choices, what’s allowed, what’s not?
1. NO SUGAR. I don’t care if it’s super natural 100% raw organic made by bees that eat only grass fed flowers. It’s still sugar and it’s not allowed. Here are a few more ways sugar can be hidden in your foods by an alias name. If you see things like this written on your package it really is just plain old sugar. This includes ALL forms of artificial sweeteners. Sugar from fruit is allowed (an actual piece of fresh fruit).
2. NO GRAINS. This includes bread, rice, pasta, cereal, oatmeal, corn, and every other pseudo grain like quinoa, even if they are gluten free. Beware sneaky ingredients like dextrin and maltodextrin that isn’t made in the USA.
3. NO DAIRY. NO Milk, cheese, yogurt…Butter IS ALLOWED.
4. NO LEGUMES. This includes peanuts, peanut butter, beans, peas, and lentils to name a few.
5. ONE GLASS OF WINE or gluten free alcoholic beverage per day is allowed.
6. Because we are a strength focused gym and I make the rules, you are permitted to use protein powder. But your protein powder must not have any of the above banned substances in it. So 100% pure unflavored whey protein is allowed. Mix in water, of course.
Remember; eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, good fats from animals, Olive oil or coconut oil, some fruit and no dairy or sugar. Drink plenty of water. If you have a question about whether a food is allowed or not chances are it’s not allowed, so don’t eat it.

The before and after workout will be:
1 round for time of:
500m row
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 air squats
400m run (flat side)

You can complete the WOD any time during the week, just tell the trainer. They will time your WOD and judge the movement standards.

What you need to do:

Take your before pictures and send to Beau’s email (by January 19th)
Start “being strong” by eating correctly and logging your daily food points
Complete the before Paleo challenge workout (again by January 24th)
Continue logging daily food points and weekly CFR attendance points
Complete post Paleo challenge workout (by February 28th)
Turn in before and after photo, food points, weekly gym points, and pre workout and post workout times in an email to Beau by the midnight on March 1st.
Collect the winning purse!


This brings us to what the winner gets:
The CFR 2015 Be Strong winner will receive a cash prize and one free month membership to CFR. Of course you will become a CFR legend and people will turn to you for help and guidance on their journey. You will also start the spring healthier and feeling great with awesome habits that will allow you to continue this journey for the rest of your life. This is true for all participants so really you have nothing to lose!  To get you motivated here is a link to some past winners!
Please bookmark this post to return to for important dates. Everything you need to know is in this post. Any specific questions you can post them up in the comments section or ask them at the Q&A Wednesday Jan 14th.

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