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Order form for our shirt and hoodie order.  Drop in the mail with check or money order.  Add $5.00 dollars to orders for shipping. Orders MUST be received by 4 April, 2014. Mail to:


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March 14 hoodie order


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TGU warmup
BP 3×5
1x drop set @80%


12 min AMRAP of
3 push presses 135/95
6 burpees
9 box jumps

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BS 3×5
Chins 3x failure (advanced athletes skip)


With a partner 16 minute AMRAP of
12/10 cal row
12 KB swings
15 air squats
Partner A completes entire round then partner B goes.

4 rounds for reps of:
1 min ME squat cleans 135/95
1 min ME strict pullups
1 min ME box jumps 24/20 (must step down)
Rest 1 minute


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The 8am and 9am are cancelled. The side roads are still icy and with snow expected the rest of the morning it’s best to stay off the roads if you can. 

Once we check availability we will more than likely open at 3:30 to give more opportunity for everyone to get their squats in!

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March 17, 2014
The 5am and 6am classes are cancelled.  We will see if conditions get better and make a decision on the 8am and 9am at 6:30am. 

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3 pos SN
3 pos CLN
Build to heavy single


With a partner
5 rounds each (10 rounds total)
300m sprint
12 ball slams 30/20
Partner A finishes entire round while Partner B rests 20 min time cut off.