Ah, Sugar…Oh, Honey Honey. Part Uno

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Ah, Sugar…Oh, Honey Honey. Part Uno

Poison? Am I Being Excessive? You Be The Judge!

I wish I were smart enough to figure out how to make that song play over and over while you were reading this post.

But then, perhaps that would defeat the purpose of you actually reading  this post…



Luckily for both of us, it appears I am not smart enough(today…bets are off for later posts!).

Now let’s move onto the not so lucky part for you.

We are about to try something new in the land of the CFR nutrition blog. In an attempt to get my creative nutrition

If you find this humorous, I like you.

juices(ew) to instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano, I am going to shake things up and try something new. Every now and again, you will be presented with a two-part blog series. The idea behind this is that we here at CFR do not just want you to read and believe. That’s the washed-up, antiquated way of doing things that got so many people into a high cholesterol, bordeline diabetes, spare tire state in the first place.

In Part Uno (that means one, for you French & German students), I am going to ask you to watch(or read) something.

Something fascinating. Something that will change the way that you think about nutrition. Something by a very smart person (not me!) who knows what he (or she!) is talking about (not Beau, either! That one is not a joke. “Beau Knows” but these will be by someone else. Holy crap…does anyone else now want a “Beau Knows” tshirt?!? Seriously.)

Something to make you think.

For those of you who balk at the idea of furthering your health and longevity by becoming a student in addition to a blog

Part Dos

reader (only judging you a little)…or if you are just having a crazy week and don’t have time to investigate part uno of the post, part dos (that’s two…) will be the cliff note (spark note if  you have no idea who cliff is) version which  outlines why the information in part uno is important to us at CFR, and/or how it can be of use.

In the time between parts uno and dos, your job is to watch (or read), and then post thoughts, questions, ideas, comments, additional links, revelations, etc to the comment section of part uno.


Part Uno=Think

watch or read & post to comments

Part Dos=Review and Apply

Now…back to the “sugar sugar” of post uno, part uno.

In an attempt to really give you all the bigger picture of why eating meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries is THE best choice you could make when you wake up tomorrow (in addition to lifting heavy sh!t, of course!), I am always on the lookout for clear, readily accessible information. I know that while most people at CFR strive to be healthy, they also do not have the time to read every new book, article, or blog that comes around.

SO…in the next 25 minutes, you will get a two-part rundown of  why the Standard American Diet is making us fat and sick…or, as Dr. Lustig, who you meet in today’s videos puts it (so eloquently) “How did the entire world get this fat, this fast?”

All you need to do is skip one facebook stalk-session, a half-episode of Duck Dynasty, or do some multitasking and load it on your phone while you eat lunch or cook dinner. Part Uno this week is for you to watch the following:

AND this:

Initial take home thoughts to wet your whistle:

  • A calorie is not a calorie (3:35 video one)
  • 40% of thin people have chronic metabolic diseases and will DIE of them (10:08 video one)
  • Sugar is FIFTY times more potent then total calories in explaining diabetes rates worldwide ( 1:46 video two)
  • If there are more than five ingredients, it is probably a processed food, and there’s probably not much real foods in there (7:06 video two)

Are you thinking yet?…Fired up about something?…Totally confused?!?

…POST, before Part Dos, DARN IT!!!

Until Next Time…


5 Responses to “Ah, Sugar…Oh, Honey Honey. Part Uno”

  1. Amanda Boyer says:

    This is good stuff! You have my attention!

  2. Amazing that the calorie is a calorie crowd still exists. The body is much more complicated than burning a calorie in a lab.

    With the cheap cost of processed fake food and the higher cost of real food our health care system is certainly doomed.

  3. Nicolette Coffey says:

    The fact that the world’s population is so affected by the non-communicable diseases and health issues associated with our food choices that 60% of us will die from them is mind boggling! (video one) Processed foods being more deadly than HIV or cholera is something I never thought of before…

  4. Nicolette Coffey says:

    Fructose is the bad guy?!?! (video two) Now I know… and — darn it — I don’t want any more!

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