Seriously Simple: Maryland Shrimp Slaw

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Been stressing over what to take to your 4th of July Picnic?!?! 


Maryland Shrimp Slaw. There is your answer.

There is no coleslaw you can buy that has ingredients that read ANYTHING like paleo. Believe me. I wanted to buy the dressing. So.bad. Even the olive oil and organic options are chocked full of soybean and cottonseed oil.  After reading the laundry-list ingredients of every dressing in the tri-state area, I was sad to confirm that this slaw dressing had to be homemade.

Fear Not.

This slaw is FAST,  easy, refreshing, and delicious. Since we can’t buy the dressing, go ahead and feel joy as you buy your already-shredded bags of veggies. (Or…feel free to make it hard on yourself and pull out the food processor!)

Not only  is this recipe fast and delicious, but it has also been tested on and approved by picnic-goers who think paleo is what happens when you don’t see the sun for a long period of time. BAM.

Shrimp and shellfish are an excellent source of happiness. Er, I mean an excellent source omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, zinc, and iodine. Plus for little buggers, shrimp are full of protein. Like…eggs of the ocean! (I clearly made that analogy up because it is terrible.) They also happen to be very ugly. Just sayin.








Don’t be shellfish. Share the slaw.

Happy Independence Day!!

Until Next Time…



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