It’s Still Summer…Drink It In!

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Just sayin’.

The public pools may be closed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still 3 weeks left of summer.

People are allll ready to jump right into fall with their pumpkin spiced lattes (which now are just psl, because you know, pumpkin spiced latte was entirely too difficult to say. And oh yes, you. Psl’s are Prettymuch Stinkin Lightyears from paleo-friendly. Again-just sayin’).

Today’s post is going to be in tidbit-form. Some info for you to drink in while you sip on the opposite of a psl, which we call BLACK COFFEE. Which happens to be delicious.





  • That sports drink you continue to sneak (placing randomly on the gym floor so no one can identify it as yours), likely contains a poisonous chemical which is banned in more than 100 countries. Brominated Vegetable Oil, which is found in sports drinks and flame retardants (yummo!), competes with iodine in our bodies for receptors sites, robbing it of this essential nutrient. Elevated bromine levels have been linked to thyroid diseases, organ damage, birth defects, and schizophrenia-to name a few. Step away from the sports drinks. (Book Plug: Check out “Rich Food, Poor Food” for an interesting and fast read!)
  • Coconut water packs a punch of potassium and also contains sodium, two great things to help you hydrate post sweat-fest. But have you been reading your labels? Many of the coconut water-like options on the shelves contain added sugars. Beware of terms like coconut juice, and take a peek at the label before buying. Dead give-away would be something along the line of ‘contains 98%’, or multiple ingredients listed. (I believe you can figure this out, even if the label is in Spanish!)
  • Don’t necessarily run out and buy cases of coconut water; plain ol’ H2O is still the bees’ knees of hydration. It’s easy to come by and the price starts at: free. (Unless you were at my house in the last few months, where water was the price of gold. PSA: Have you checked your home for running toilets lately?  Making sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day is essential, and water does the trick. Switch to seltzer or throw in a slice of lemon if you start to get bored. How much water? Listen to your body, when you are thirsty, drink. When it’s hot out or you’ve been lifting heavy shift and WODing, drink. (Remember-you are getting water from all the delicious paleo foods you are eating, too.)

Now that you are appropriately hydrated, here is something to chew on:

bacon! baked apples

These are the perfect treat to serve guests, your kids, or even as a side dish. They are also awesome for a quick breakfast on the go–enjoy with a few hard boiled eggs!

(recipe makes 12 apples)

Preheat oven to 375

For apple filling:

In a med-large skillet on medium heat, add 1tbsp coconut oil. Then add:

3/4 Cup fresh blueberries
3/4 Cup nuts (I used walnuts and pepitas)
1/2 Cup dried fruit (I used diced plums)
1/3 Cup cooked bacon pieces

Stir until simmering, about 2-3 mins. Then add:

1tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp fresh ground nutmeg (1/4tsp if powdered)

Stir and let summer. Then add:

2tsp local honey (you may omit this!)

Let all ingredients simmer until blueberries begin to burst. Remove from heat and let cool enough to handle.

While filling is cooking and cooling:

-Core 12 small/medium Apples
-Grease a muffin pan **
-Place 1 cored apple in each muffin space
-Add a quick squeeze of fresh lemon juice into each cored apple

Using a spoon and clean hands, carefully stuff cooled filling into core of each apple.

Cover w foil and place on a cookie sheet (to avoid drips on your oven bottom!)

Bake for 40-50 minutes. Apples are ready when skins begin splitting and they are soft to the touch. (For a for firmer experience, remove closer to the 40 min mark. If you want an “apple sauce” experience, go for 50+!)

Serve however your little paleo (plus honey) heart desires.  Drizzle with coconut milk, find some raw grass-fed whipping cream, or perhaps you’re indulging with a scoop of something frozen. Even alone, they are awesome-sauce!

**you can place all apples in a baking dish instead of in muffin pan. baking time may vary with this method, just start watching closer after the 30 minute mark

Hmm…that was an awful fall-like recipe after my Summer snarky-ness…

Until Next Time…



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